Native "Refosco di Faedis" grapes are the original and traditional variety grown in a territory that does not always ensure optimal conditions for wine-growing.

Foothill orography, the different exposure of vineyards, the extreme variability of climatic conditions and land composition (ponca and clay) all make it difficult for vines to extract the nutritive substances necessary for their survival.

Yet it is precisely because of such variable and even "poor" elements that the grapes manage to "fix" variegated and original sensorial features in this wine as a sincere expression of the local "terroir".

Refosco di Faedis, served in a large glass, has an intense ruby red colour with evident violet reflections that tend to garnet with ageing. Rich extracts ensure good consistency.

The bouquet ranges from floral sensations (violets and dog rose) to fruity hints (dewberry and wild fruit); the original and absolutely typical tone is in any case enhanced by evident minerals, accompanied by hints of undergrowth, wet leaves and slats of old chestnut barrels.

Dry, rather warm and sapid to the taste, it exalts sensations of freshness and evident tannins that set it among wines by no means excessively balanced but nevertheless an ideal accompaniment with food. Moderate ageing attenuates acid and tannin components to release hints of wild spices and coffee.