The territory of Torreano, of which half is flat and half is mountainous, hosts several lifestyles and activities related to the different nature of the soil. The population is ethnic Friulan in the plains region and ethnic Slovenian in the mountains; the two peoples, of different origins and customs, have typically and consistently cohabited peacefully in the area since extremely ancient times.

The area was almost definitely inhabited by the primitive populations of the Euganeans, the Ligurians, the Venetans and the Celtics and inhabitants undoubtedly settled here permanently in the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages. The finds made in the Foràn di Landri cave above the suburb of Prestento testify to the appearance of humans in the area in prehistoric times. The birth of Torreano was definitely determined by the Romanisation of Friuli; in fact, the toponym derives from the name of a Roman centurion, Turius, who obtained the presidium.

The Church of San Rocco in Montina and the XV century votive Chapel dedicated to Saints Ermacora and Fortunato, situated above the suburb of Costa, are of particular interest.

The Land of Refosco di Faedis