Tarcento, placed on the feet of the mounts Chiampeon, Stella and Bernadia, is a pearl set in the Torre’s clean waters and the hills populated with historic villages, rich in vineyards and woods, where people still preserve genuine and recognizable gestures, values, languages and traditions.

The sweet environment together with its comforting harmony are made precious by past traces: the castellaccio of Coia and the Villafredda village remind of the medieval period; the fourteenth-century S. Eufemia’s church in Segnacco offers a suggestive spiritual beauty and overlooks the hills and the mountains; in Aprato the Our Lady of Lily’s church showes the early sixteenth-century golden wooden altar by Agostini; in Collalto there is Villa Valentinis, in the town center you could appreciate the elegant Villa De Rubeis and Villa Pontoni, the wonderful Frangipane Palace with their parks and gardens and Villa Moretti that has been recently restored.

Our guests can go up the Zimor valley and reach the Stella, individualized by its church tower, that is a wonderful green balcony that overlooks Friuli. Moreover you could reach Useunt and its Our Lady of Peace’s church if you follow the paths through the Torre lined with chestnuts or the hospitable pathways full of bushes until the mount Bernadia where you could reach Ramandolo, a little jewel among vineyards that produce the precious DOCG wine called like the valley.

The Land of Refosco di Faedis