The charm of ancient castles that dominate these lands is integrated with the visit of the Medieval Archeological Museum which contains a lot of finds discovered in the innumerable important local sites, that can be reached by penetrating the uncontaminated natural spaces.

Wide forests rich in peculiar floral and faunistic species surround the historic buildings and the rural villages of Attimis and its hamlets, give deep silences to the holy places of worship and the votive churches. Deep religiousness and devoutness meet at the little chapel of Porzus dedicated to the appearance of the Blessed Virgin, where a lot of people go on a pilgrimage.

The ancient vineyards interchange with beeches, chestnut trees, oak trees and draw the passage from plains to the mountains, mark the rhytm of this region’s eastern area, which is characterized by the local people’s sincere hospitality and the quality of typical agroindustrial products that should be tasted when appreciating our wonderful landscapes. A little portion of an universe that you should experience and suggest to other people who will certainly fall in love with this ancient area in the heart of the dolceNordEst.


The Land of Refosco di Faedis