Wine embraces within its perfumes, colours and flavours the image and features of the territory where it was made and today, perhaps more than ever before, has acquired an enviable personality and typical local character created thanks to modern technologies combined with an ancient heritage.

Wine, like bread, does not exist in nature. Wine is made and inasmuch its essence is also made in the image and resemblance of the people who make it and has changed profoundly - like people themselves - over time.

This characteristic of wine reverberating with the beauties of a territory and the essence of the people who make it is particularly evident in Refosco di Faedis.

When enjoying the bouquet of this splendid wine, I sense the compelling aroma of my homeland during the harvest period, the tart odour of must bubbling in the vats, the satisfaction of wine-makers watching their work coming to highly-perfumed life.

When I see through the convex glass its ruby-red and violet flashes of light, I am inevitably reminded of those vivid sunsets glimpsed after a storm behind the hills marking the eastern border of our territory.

When, lastly, its flavours stimulate my palate and fill my mouth with a strong yet delicately pungent taste, I naturally think of the character of my people: gruff - but only apparently so - perhaps unable to express their deepest feelings in words but exceptional in doing so with facts, generous and even a little sentimental.

And the bouquets, colours and flavours always culminate in that marvellous warmth that this wine releases in my throat and then in my stomach.

And then I close my eyes for a moment and feel the pride of being born here and living among such people.

The Land of Refosco di Faedis

The Land of Refosco di Faedis